Top 10 websites

Top 10 websites

These ten sites are not necessarily my top ten, my top ten can be a blog topic for another time. My intention is to leave a simple commentary on the blog article located at:

This the blog author’s list in descending order from top #1 to #10

This really is a divers group of web sites. As I went over the different sites I noticed themes that I pulled out of what he mentioned, as well as some he didn’t. I am grouping them into three themes, simplicity, self explanatory, and fresh.

1. Simplicity:
One of the sites was described as having “Acres of balanced white space,” he also regularly used the words “clear,” and “open.” All of the sites he picked had appropriate amounts of space. This did not mean lack of and/or having little content. It was properly organized. Not over cluttered with graphics or photographs. Some sights were graphic in nature because of the content, so I go back to my phrase “appropriately” to describe their use. All this talk of lack of clutter leads to one major point, the sights are “easy to read,” as he put it. You see right away what you need to. This in turn leads us perfectly to my next theme.

2. Self explanatory:
In describing one of the sites, the author said, “you have no doubt about what the site does,” Simplicity left us wide open, so that well worded content, and well placed images and graphics can tell us right away what our sight is all about. This goes right along with the concept of the book “Don’t Make Me Think!”
This should be out goal, not making our audience have to think to get meaning of our sites. Ok, we have simplicity, and self explanatory, lets move on to my next theme.

3. Fresh:
Some of the points our this this author pointed out about his “Top 10” were the Colors, typography, big bold Icons, rich imagery. All the sites colors were unique to themselves, but they set the tone and feel for the web sites. The typography played well with the content of the sites, and the color pallets. The icons had popped out with originality, and relevance. These things done well leave the experience feeling fresh.

When we are deliberate In including these three themes, they combine to help in creating the appropriate user experience necessary to convey what our clients want for their target market.


About unclecrusty

I utilize photography, Audio recording, and video production to help market, promote, and advertise you and/or your business. I can assist or consult you on building a web presence through your own website as well as social media, and social networking. Our focus is to provide tools to sell you, so you can focus on selling what you want to. Whether it is it is creating a living, breathing resume, or promoting a product or a business, We can help you get seen, and heard. Let your potential clients feel as though they know you, before they even meet you. Give you potential clients a personal experience so that when they call you on the phone, or walk in your door, they already have their first impression. Drop their guard, so that they don't have to. Photography -Product -Commercial -Portraits -Fashion Audio Production -Radio advertisement -Audio books -Podcasting -Music production -Folly Video Production -Web content -Promotional -Training -Tutorials
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