It seems that every time a group of web junkies get together these days, you are bound to have the topic of HTML5 spring into the conversation. It is a difficult topic in its own right. It is surprisingly comparable to discussing politics. It is hard to feel that you get accurate information because the people that supposedly know about the topic are so polar in their opinions, that it is hard to distinguish facts from bias. The argument usually ends with the mention of Internet Explorer. All major browsers are fully HTML 5 compatible, but IE.
I came across and article from
that has given some hope, realistic perspective, and a few options.

5 Reasons Why You Can Use HTML5 Today

1. The HTML5 Specification Will Never Be Complete

The main point to this that if you are waiting for the final version before adopting HTML5, you will have missed out.

2. HTML5 is HTML

The point ot this point is that you already know the majority of it. It is not a new language, it is a language that has been adapted, and enhanced.

3. Legacy Browser Support is Rarely a Problem.

We know the problem, IE. The neat this is this article gives some grate ways around IE. I am not yet capable of explaining the code, I just highly recommend reading the article
yourself to get them.

4. HTML5 is Happening

Self explanatory. Whether you (and/or IE) like it or not it is happening.

5. Don’t Be Left Behind!

I feel 4 and 5 go hand in hand, but the reality of it is This is the standard now. The less you know of it the further you are from being valuable in the modern market.
Once again The article is at


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