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I utilize photography, Audio recording, and video production to help market, promote, and advertise you and/or your business. I can assist or consult you on building a web presence through your own website as well as social media, and social networking. Our focus is to provide tools to sell you, so you can focus on selling what you want to. Whether it is it is creating a living, breathing resume, or promoting a product or a business, We can help you get seen, and heard. Let your potential clients feel as though they know you, before they even meet you. Give you potential clients a personal experience so that when they call you on the phone, or walk in your door, they already have their first impression. Drop their guard, so that they don't have to. Photography -Product -Commercial -Portraits -Fashion Audio Production -Radio advertisement -Audio books -Podcasting -Music production -Folly Video Production -Web content -Promotional -Training -Tutorials

Color Grading In Film

This is a great video to get us started on our color choices and how it affects how our audience perceives our film: To contrast what the above video talks about with the use of orange and blue in your … Continue reading

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It seems that every time a group of web junkies get together these days, you are bound to have the topic of HTML5 spring into the conversation. It is a difficult topic in its own right. It is surprisingly comparable … Continue reading

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The battlefield od design: designers vs clients

This tittle and this subject originates from the following location. The first line in the conclusion of this article states, “On the first reading of this article you may be thinking that the process that I’ve described sounds time-consuming … Continue reading

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Top 10 websites

Top 10 websites These ten sites are not necessarily my top ten, my top ten can be a blog topic for another time. My intention is to leave a simple commentary on the blog article located at: This the … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging! I would like to join my robot blogger friend in saying “Hello World.” James Harward

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